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Chakra Sense for Self-Care

Chakra Sense

Chakras and Self-Care

The Assault of Excess – Reset Your Senses

The Assault of Excess - Reset Your Senses

Metamorphic Energy Moves


Try these simple body movements for an instant “wake up” or energy boost.

Crank up Your Creativity


Get off of “Auto-Pilot”

Get off of Auto-Pilot

3 Reasons Self-Health is NOT Selfish!

3 Reasons Self-Health is NOT Selfish

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“Moving Through Change”

We all know that the only thing in life that is certain IS CHANGE. So, how adaptive and willing are you to change? Follow me and your body in this fun video with your body “moving you through changes”. Get big and expansive, test your boundaries, let go, flow through and around obstacles, and find balance even when you move “outside the box”!

Stuck, Stressed, and Sick of It

I really hate the feeling of being stuck – especially when I know in my head what I want or need to do – but just can’t seem to get any momentum going in the right direction. When I’m stuck I often feel unproductive and incapable of creating any positive output or change, and I don’t feel so good about my self either! And that stresses me out!

So, do you notice how nature always moves to restore inner balance. Sometimes it has to go to extremes, sometimes it changes with subtlety – but it always changes toward balance and never gets completely stuck. As humans, we know that change is the only thing in life that is certain. Yet why is it that we can’t seem to make those changes that we know will improve our self care, personal or professional effectiveness and our quality of life? We dig our heels in, procrastinate, become indecisive or just settle for less than we know we are capable of. Is it fear of the unknown? Is it laziness? Is it complacency? For sure, it is most often way less than is truly possible for us and our future health and happiness.

Not being able to move and change can stress us out – and magnify our distress and unhappiness. Here are some key ingredients to getting unstuck…the simple steps are worth it.

Watch the video.

“I was stuck, in both my body and my head. I knew I needed to make changes in my life, but I didn’t know where or how to start. Carol helped me get moving again both physically and between my ears. Facing major surgery, Carol showed me how and where to get started moving to prepare myself both physically and spiritually. In a supportive and completely non-judgmental manner, she helped me make positive changes in all aspects of my life. The recovery from that surgery was nothing short of miraculous. Anybody realizing the need to improve themselves physically, spiritually, or both can benefit from working with Carol.” MM – Integrative Mentoring Client

Open Your HeART to Your SELF

Heart Share: Flourishing in the Face of Cancer